Thursday, September 15, 2011

Totally Out Numbered - The Broomes Family

Our good friends Kim and Steve announced that they were pregnant at my son's first birthday party this past December. I couldn't believe it, Kim with 3 that doesn't mean I don't think Kim can handle 3 kids, but in the back of my mind I was thinking Kim...with 3 boys or 4 if you count Steve :).

At the time I didn't know Kim was having a boy, but turns out God knew what he was doing leaving only one princess in the house, and this summer they welcomed a gorgeous baby boy, Jordan James.

Jordan is the sweetest little boy, and already quite the model.

Their home is now complete with Miles, Dallas and Jordan. When I first met Kim, I had no idea that 8 years later we would still be friends. We couldn't be more opposite and so alike all at the same time.

I love you Kim and Steve, and I can't wait to see your crew again soon!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Morning with Robert the Great

I had a special session this weekend with a beautiful family going through a very difficult time. Robert was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in December of 2010. He has been in and out of the hospital for the past 7 months, and he is only 6 years old. This time last year Robert was fine....Cancer doesn't discriminate...Cancer doesn't care. I almost lost one of my best friend's to Acute Myleoid Leukemia at 25 years old. I am so happy to report that she has been cancer free for 10 you Mitzi! When I heard about Robert through a mutual friend I offered a free session for the family, since I am sure a photo session was the last thing on their minds. I wanted to capture the real fun loving Robert and not his sickness.

When I first met Robert he started off by telling me about his brother and sister...oh and his Transformers; then that sweet boy told me he had a port- a port is a surgically inserted IV that stays with the patient until treatment is over. It is used to administer chemo and other drugs without an IV or needle sticks. I just looked at his precious face and said "I know baby, and you are going to get better". That was it we never spoke of his sickness again. He was just ready to enjoy the morning with his best friends...Ben and Allie. Even when Robert got tired due to heat...he was still ready to have fun...we just improvised and that is how we got the picture below.

Ben is 3 years old and a little more reserved (at least with me). Once he got a chance to play he started to loosen up and smile.

Allie is 1 and is such a sweet baby. She seems to fit right in with the matter how rowdy they get. The boys do take extra care when Allie is around, and I can tell they will be her protector for years to come. Both Ben and Allie look up to their big brother, and I know it is so hard for them to watch Robert in pain. You have to wonder what is going through their minds. Life has definitely changed for not only Robert, but for his little brother and sister who are also coping with this disease.

I guess what I was most impressed with is that this little kid doesn't feel sorry for himself, he doesn't look for attention, he just wants to be a regular kid playing ball and running around. Robert was able to graduate from kindergarten at Spout Springs Elementary a few weeks ago even though he had been in the hospital for much of the month of May. Robert began treatments again this week, so this will be a tough few months for him.

As you can imagine on top of the emotional strain this disease brings, managing financially can bring another challenge with frequent hospital stays, in-clinic treatments, specialist visits, lab work, medication, days out of work for his parents...can be pretty overwhelming. If you are interested in helping this family or reading more about their story you can visit their blog at . If you find yourself with a free moment today, please pray for Robert's comfort and no fever, for Ben and Allie, and then strength for his mommy, Kasie and his daddy, Bob.

Stay strong Hart Family, I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Precious Miracles

I have known Julie and Michael for a very long time. Julie and I met in college, and even shared a joining apartment with 5 other girls. Yes you read that right we had 2 joining 3 bedroom apartments to make one big 6 bedroom mess!  Only in Dahlonega can you have an apartment with a joining door...shag carpet and all!
Since the day I met Julie she has talked about wanting kids. We used to joke that out of all of us Julie would have 8 kids and a RV. Not sure why she has to own a RV, but just go with me for a moment. 
Michael and Julie were ready to have children right away, but that is not what God had in mind for them.  They have gone through every test, invitro, shots, hormones, surgery to no avail on getting pregnant, so they pursued adoption. Adoption is a tricky thing.  You can't simply say, "Hey I can take a baby". You have to do homestudies, scrapbooks and pray that the mother to be thinks that you are good enough based on photographs and scrapbooks to raise their about presure.  After a couple years and some setbacks they were close to throwing in the towel, but then they got the call of their lifetime.

3 years ago this month they got the call that an expectant mother had chosen them, and that her 2 week old was ready for them to take home. Can you imagine waking up one day just a normal day and going home that night mommy and daddy! Avery Hope joined the McGuire family, and we everyone was on cloud nine...Michael and Julie were finally parents after many long years of trying.
Fast forward 2 years, and Julie is pregnant. Total surprise!!  She didn't even know it was possible, but God has blessed her with the chance to carry and deliver a beautiful healthy baby boy. Words can't describe how happy I am that Julie got to experience carrying and delivering a baby. Michael and Julie are now working through the kinks of becoming parents to is a hard but so rewarding.

The road to parenthood didn't turnout like they planned, but ended right where they needed to be. I am so happy that Avery Hope and Carter Michael have completed their family. I guess with two kids they need to start looking for that RV :). Michael and Julie, I love you guys and may God continue to bless your precious family!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Year Anniversary

If one were to ask if I ever thought I would establish a photography business I would say, "Lord No!"; and not because I never enjoyed or appreciated photography, I just thought it was not something I could do.  Let's back up a little and give some of my background.  For the last 10 years I've worked as a Business Analyst for an animal pharmaceutical company designing sales reporting programs for the sales force. After my daughter's birth 5 years ago, I began shooting with a DSLR when my husband surprised me with a camera for Christmas and classes shortly after. I taught myself a few editing programs for processing, then the next thing you know I'm the instant photojournalist for family events. 
While on maternity leave (December 17th 2009) for my sweet baby Bennett I learned that my company was going to begin a merger and my job may be at risk.  I didn't know what I was coming back to after my leave and it was very unsettling. I thought to myself...what am I going to do?  What's next?

Shortly after learning of the merger, I visited my cousin Allison.  I talked about my future--or rather lack of knowing my future--and she said to me, "Amber, you should start a photography business. It is something you love to do, and you have a real talent".  This was my WOW moment!  Why didn't I think of that!  It was a perfect idea--do what you love and love what you do.  This put the wheels were into motion.
Within a week my friend, coworker and pregnancy buddy Melissa brought over her 10 week old son for a play date with Bennett (they were born 1 day a part).

Melissa and I turned their play time into a mini-session and posted it on Facebook.  The next thing you know Melissa's friend, Clare, called me interested in me photographing her adorable baby.  This absolutely floored and honored me!  She wanted to chat about booking me for her son's 6 month pictures which was 2 months away. I was so excited and nervous that she would change her mind later. 

Clare was true to her word and called me back a month later to book Jack's session, and from then on away I went to meet and photograph other beautiful families.

When I think about all of these wonderful families and their little babies it brings tears to my eyes. Really, I know it sounds cheesy but it means so much to me that these mothers entrust me to capture their most precious moments.

It has been one year since my first session and I couldn't be happier that I acted on my cousin's advice.

I truly love what I'm doing.  In the last year I've grown so much as a photographer, and I am so excited as I learn more and more. This year I look forward to meeting even more families and reconnecting with old friends.

Wouldn't you know it, I'm still waiting on word of the merger!
Thank you to all the families that I photographed and those of you who are interested in my work.

Here is a glimpse of my 2 favorite people that inspire me each day....Laney and Bennett


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Has it been that long...

Wow I haven't posted here for a while. Things have been a little chaotic for me the past few weeks. With Christmas around the corner, I have been busier than ever with sessions. Words can't express how happy I have been photographing these beautiful families. I have also been busy with family- my precious Bennett just turned one this past weekend- and I have also busy with my other full time job, that I am sad to say that I have neglected my blog.

I have met a lot of beautiful families over the past few weeks and months. Since most of the families that I have photographed recently are wanting to keep their pictures offline for Christmas cards and gifts, I will just highlight 2 adorable families that are also friends and repeat customers of mine :).

The Turner family...these kids are angels. Max, Annie and Charlie are the 3 most precious kids you will meet. Their mommy Lorri and daddy Mack are both good friends of mine. Mack and I went to high school and college together, and it was there that we both met Lorri. Lorri and I hit it off pretty fast. We have the same sense of humor and similar interests, so it was an easy fit. College definitely prepares you for life. My very best friends are from college and I can't tell you how happy I am to have this family in my life :).

Max is the oldest, and he definitly looks after his siblings. I can't believe he is 7 years old! He is such a sweet boy with a beautiful smile.

Annie is the only girl, but she doesn't act like a princess or diva. She is so well mannered and soft spoken (at least to me). She gets right into the mix with her brothers and is a real hoot once you get her talking. She is the same age (within weeks) as my daughter Laney, and they have a ball when they are together.
Charlie....well he is the youngest and he has no fear. He is going to probably drive Mack and Lorri crazy but he is so dang cute and lovable they are going to have such a hard time with him. His antics are not mean or deceitful; he is just curious. He could be the next Dennis the Menace- stay tuned...
Lorri I love you and your adorable family. I know you weren't prepared for pictures the day we met, but you guys are just too cute not to post!! :)

The Orrick Family...Ryan, Kristin and Cameron are just starting out as a family of three. Kristin and I also met in college. We hung out with the same crew back in those days, so again it is so awesome to see what great mommy's your friends can become. Kristin had similar challenges to mommy hood as most new mothers, but Cameron had reflux....I think that might make being a new mom twice as hard with all the crying or as some classify as colic...the catchall diagnosis for crying.

Cameron is 4 months old now! I can't believe how much this little guy has grown. I was fortunate enough to see him grow from 8 months in Mommy's tummy to 3 months old. This little guy is full of personality, and I am so excited to see how well he is doing now.

Ryan and Kristin thank you so much for trusting me with Cameron's pictures. I always have fun with you guys.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sessa Family is growing!

A few weeks ago I photographed the adorable Sessa Family. Steve, Sherrie, Sophie and their amazing pooch Cody.  This family is getting ready for a new addition in March...a baby brother is on the way for Ms. Sophie!

Sophie is 2 years old and so much fun.  I had a ball playing with her. She loves nature. She was finding me all sorts of beautiful leaves, squirrels and acorns.  One thing Sophie did not love is the bow in her hair.  Sherrie had the cutest coordinated and accessorized outfits, but Sophie had a mind of her own. I struggle with the same fashion issues with my own daughter, so this is the beginning of our lifelong power struggle I suppose.

Cody is the most recent addition to the family...and I have to admit I was extremely impressed that he was able to cruise around the park without a leash. He was so well behaved, a far cry from my dog Murphy...

Little Cody!

Steve and Sherrie are a beautiful couple who will be soon welcoming a baby boy. I am sure their entire family is so excited for Sophie to become a big sister. Now the toughest part...what do they name him?
Steve and Sherrie thank you so much for trusting me with your pictures. I enjoyed hanging out with you guys, and I hope to see you again soon.

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I am a location photographer working with natural light. I consider my work more along the lines of photo journalism rather than portraiture.

I treasure the shots of my family being ourselves, and I will work to create the same for you. I will also meticulously edit your photos to the style I feel fits you and the occasion.

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