Sunday, April 24, 2011

Precious Miracles

I have known Julie and Michael for a very long time. Julie and I met in college, and even shared a joining apartment with 5 other girls. Yes you read that right we had 2 joining 3 bedroom apartments to make one big 6 bedroom mess!  Only in Dahlonega can you have an apartment with a joining door...shag carpet and all!
Since the day I met Julie she has talked about wanting kids. We used to joke that out of all of us Julie would have 8 kids and a RV. Not sure why she has to own a RV, but just go with me for a moment. 
Michael and Julie were ready to have children right away, but that is not what God had in mind for them.  They have gone through every test, invitro, shots, hormones, surgery to no avail on getting pregnant, so they pursued adoption. Adoption is a tricky thing.  You can't simply say, "Hey I can take a baby". You have to do homestudies, scrapbooks and pray that the mother to be thinks that you are good enough based on photographs and scrapbooks to raise their about presure.  After a couple years and some setbacks they were close to throwing in the towel, but then they got the call of their lifetime.

3 years ago this month they got the call that an expectant mother had chosen them, and that her 2 week old was ready for them to take home. Can you imagine waking up one day just a normal day and going home that night mommy and daddy! Avery Hope joined the McGuire family, and we everyone was on cloud nine...Michael and Julie were finally parents after many long years of trying.
Fast forward 2 years, and Julie is pregnant. Total surprise!!  She didn't even know it was possible, but God has blessed her with the chance to carry and deliver a beautiful healthy baby boy. Words can't describe how happy I am that Julie got to experience carrying and delivering a baby. Michael and Julie are now working through the kinks of becoming parents to is a hard but so rewarding.

The road to parenthood didn't turnout like they planned, but ended right where they needed to be. I am so happy that Avery Hope and Carter Michael have completed their family. I guess with two kids they need to start looking for that RV :). Michael and Julie, I love you guys and may God continue to bless your precious family!


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