Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leo's Big Adventure

This week I met 5 month old baby Leo who is about to go on a great adventure. He is traveling back home to visit his family in Germany. He is going to see and experience so many new things. I am sure his family is anxiously awaiting his arrival. He is going to have so much fun with his Oma and Opa - don't be too impressed I had to Google the translation of Grandma and Grandpa to German :).
I am so happy I was able to capture some sweet shots for gifts for the family back home. I am sure they are missing their little guy so much.
Robert and Susan thank you so much for inviting me into your home. I enjoyed working with you guys. Have a safe and happy trip!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet the Druckers- Madelyn 4 Months and Damian 2 years

I met a brother and sister duo this weekend, Damian and Madelyn. Madelyn is a precious little 4 month old who is just a few days younger than my own son Bennett. I loved working with her. She is so laid back even with her silly little brother in her face. I guess the second child is more resilient- they have to be. My Bennett has the same issue with his older sister Laney. It isn't that Damian and Laney are wild childs, it is just that they love their little ones so much!

Damian and Madelyn are precious little kids that bring their family so much joy. I hope I get to work with them again soon, but next time I will have a train with me for my future engineer Damian:).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jack is half way there... 6 month photo session

I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Manning this weekend. What an adorable little boy. He has a very animated personality that translates into precious pictures. I had a hard time during editing removing pictures because they were all so dang cute.

Jack has reached the 6 month mark. He is going to be learning and doing so much in the next few months. Pretty soon he will become more independent and start walking and talking, but for now I hope Clare and Keith just snuggle with this sweet little boy and enjoy every moment because as cliche as it sounds it goes by so fast.

Clare and Keith thank you so much for having me in your home. I had a great time working with you guys, and I hope to work with you again.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Bennett had a special treat this weekend...he met his Grandma and Grandpa Prindle for the first time. He was the perfect gentleman, he saved all of his blowout diapers for mommy and daddy :).

Laney was also excited to see her Grandma and Grandpa again. Since they live about 11 hours away- that is a with child time estimate, it is hard for us to get together. Laney love playing Old Maid or as Laney calls it "Old Navy" with Grandma.

It was a perfect weekend that we hated to see end.

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