Sunday, July 25, 2010

Choo Choo! Damian is 3!

Damian turns 3 this week and on the agenda...Thomas the Train. The man loves his trains.  For his 3 year session we decided on Downtown Buford so we could be close to the trains. Turns out there is an awesome train store there, so we wrapped up our session inside the train store. I guess Damian looked like a movie star with the paparazzi following him around while he shopped :).

Damian was so excited about the trains that he quickly lost interest in our photo shoot, but no worries he little sister Madelyn was happy to stand in to take some beautiful shots for her mommy.  Madelyn is almost 7 months old, and she is such a happy baby. She will be Damian's little sidekick any minute now as she tries her hand at crawling and walking. 

This is my second session with these beautiful kids, and I love to see how much they have grown in just the few months it has been since our last session.
Elizabeth and Michael you have some pretty babies!  Thank you for inviting me to photograph them.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Brandon Family

I met the coolest little kids this weekend. My buddy from college Krista contacted me a few weeks ago to take some pictures of her little ones. I had seen pictures of Ansley and Tyler, but we had never met. Tyler warmed right up to me, but to be fair I think he is a talker to most. Ansley was a little shy at first, but once we started chatting there was no stopping her.

Ansley has a big year coming up...she is starting kindergarten!  She loves to swim, and even knows how to dive- really impressive.  She plays tee ball, third base, second base and outfield to be exact. She has ran in a road race, and just recently took her training wheels off her bike...she will be doing triathlons with her mommy in no time.
Tyler was such a little ham. My biggest challenge with him was to keep him from cheesing too much. When he would see the camera you would hear CHEEESSEE. 

Thank goodness for a random cat roaming around. That cat loved Ansley and Tyler, and he helped keep Tyler's mind off of posing so much.  Too bad Tyler is allergic to cats...I really think he wanted to go home with them.
Chad and Krista, you have a beautiful family inside and out. I am amazed at how you both have a mini-me in your children- like a little Chad and Krista running around. Thank you for letting me capture your sweet babies. I hope you love the pictures.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stage 2...Baby :)

Ryan and Kristin just recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary, and now they have baby number one on the way.

What an exciting time for this fun couple. They have been working hard on getting their Dr.Seuss themed nursery readt, prepping for their upcoming baby showers, and oh trying to decide on a name for their little boy.

Baby Orrick will be here in just a few weeks. I know Ryan and Kristin will be ready even though they feel the list of things to do will never end.

You are only first time parents once, so enjoy this moment while it last because it will go by so very fast. Congratulations Ryan and Kristin!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Holy Cow!! Grant is 6 Months old

Melissa and I were due on the exact same day with our babies. Grant was born one day before my sweet pea Bennett. We got our babies together a couple of times while we were on leave, and Bennett was about 3lbs heavier than Grant. The poor baby suffers from reflux, and had to work to put on weight his first few months of life...well work no more my friend. Grant is now a few ounces heavier then Bennett and I think they are the same length---Bennett is no small fry either :).

Grant has the funniest expressions. He has a very sweet personality UNTIL it is time to eat. Don't mess with this man's bottle. His mom and dad can't even heat the bottle because he can't wait :).

Melissa and Eric are handling this new parenting thing perfectly...even with their challenges in the begining. I hope to be seeing my sweet Grant really soon. Thank you guys for trusting me with your pictures and your baby.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah...well almost

Noah's One Year session started out with a clean and happy baby and ended with a very messy sleepy baby. Noah was so cute when I arrived. He and I had so much fun laughing at one another while his mommy and daddy were getting ready for us. He has such a cute personality and a boat load of expressions.
Noah is also very dapper and ready to be dressed for any affair. Need an executive tie...he has a onesie for tie problem got a onesie for that, and no baby's wardrobe is complete with a fedora :).

We decided for Noah's one year session to let him do a trial run with the cake. At first he was a little cautious, but once he figured out he was smashing his hands straight into the cake.

Noah is a precious little boy. Kareem and Shermin thank you for inviting me into your home. I hope you love the pictures.

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