Thursday, June 24, 2010

My little man

My precious baby Bennett turned six months old on June 17th. He is a bit husky for his that the nice way to say chunky? I love my little chunky monkey. I love his little rolls, his little lines on his wrists and most of all his little cheeks. These pictures represent what my Bennett is like 95% of the time...the other 5% of the time he is crabby due to me not being quick enough with the food or his teeth.

It melts my heart to see his little face light up when he sees his big sister Laney. He has a special laugh for her that gives me hope that they will be the best of buds in the next few months. I love this little boy, and I thank God for him and his big sister every day.
Happy 1/2 year Big B!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jackson and Austin

Toy Story 3 was on the minds of my friends Jackson and Austin. These boys were headed to a date with mom after our session. Jackson is 6 and Austin is 3, and they are the sweetest little boys. They sure love their mama, and were so excited to be hanging out with her this day.
Our session took place in downtown Buford, so there was a good chance to see a train up close. We not only saw a train we saw two trains...two really loud trains. The boys liked it at first, but I think it might have been a bit loud.
Jackson and Austin had fun exploring the grounds of the Bona Allen property, and playing near the magnolia trees, and I had fun chasing them. Cameron thank you for letting me photograph your babies.

Sahana and Ariya

Sahana and Ariya are two gorgeous little girls. When their mommy called me a while back to schedule our session she mentioned to me that Sahana was shy. Well I have a shy 4 year old girl as well, so I thought it will be okay. She will be a little cold at first, but surely she will warm up to my camera. On the way to our session I remembered my daughter's love of these ridiculous bracelets called Silly Bandz. I quickly swung into CVS and purchased a pack. Sahana was a little shy at first but once we started talking Silly Bandz she was having a ball. You would never know that she was shy from looking at her pictures. She has such a presence in front of the camera. She is really a beautiful child.

Then there is Ariya...Ari is almost 2 years old and has no fear. She isn't shy, but she has her own opinions (like most 2 year olds) on what she wants to do. She gave me a lot of laughs. She is a sweetie.
Tom and Avni you guys have a precious family. I love your little girls. I hope to photograph them again one day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Major Cute!

Wow talk about your perfect setting for a family about where the parents where married! My best friend from high school contacted me a few weeks ago to do her annual family pictures. I have to tell you it was quite an honor for me since I am sure Lisa still remembers me as the goofball that took L & A (Lisa and Amber) holidays from school to sit on the phone all day to watch TV with her. Yes we did that, but that is a story for another day.

Back to the 7 years ago Lisa and Courtney were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Bona Allen Mansion in Buford. Mike and I had a great time, but again another story for another day. When Lisa called me I immediately thought we have to do the the session in downtown Buford. Let me just tell you with the trains nearby to peak 2 year old Aidan's curiosity and the tranquility of the Bona Allen property it made for some really precious pictures.
Lisa and I grew up together, so I am so happy to be able to capture these memories for her and her family. Love you guys!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Turners!

Beautiful flowers and beautiful kids...I had a ball working with my friends Lorri and Mack's kids. We explored the most beautiful patch of wild flowers together. I loved watching their little faces light up while they played around the flowers.

Lorri and I go way back, we joined the same sorority, lived in the same dump apartment complex, and she married one of my friends from high school. Her kids are adorable, Max is the oldest and takes care of the crew, Annie is the sweetheart, and then there is Charlie. Charlie is an energtic and curious little boy who is just as cute as he can be.

Lorri and Mack thank you for letting me photograph your children. You have a wonderful little family!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mommy and Me- Drew Hall 6 Months

This session I photographed one of my sorority sisters Sara and her precious little boy Drew. Drew is only a few days older than my Bennett, and I had a ball watching him warm up to the camera.

Sara told me when she arrived that she didn't have many pictures of Drew smiling because he was so interested in the camera. After a few minutes of "what the heck" he was laughing and playing.

It was awesome to see what a loving mom Sara is to sweet Drew. I hope that she was able to surprise Jason with a sweet Father's Day gift---his first Father's Day!

Thank you Sara for trusting me with your first pictures of Drew!

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